Truck Graphics at a Discount

By | September 3, 2017

There are many companies that will sell truck graphics and some of them will help design but there are times when a budget is very tight and a person will have to be creative and frugal with the vinyl. There are ways to be very effective and also save a lot of money.

Some business people will buy a vehicle wrap. A wrap is giant car or truck graphic that has been applied to just about every square inch of vehicle surface. They are not cheap but they are very effective because they grab the viewers attention. The going price for a car wrap is $ 3000. For a business starting out this may be a prohibitive amount of money. Still, any business will gain from this kind of exposure and especially a new business.

There is a way to do truck graphics that will almost imitate a car wrap without the humongous price tag. There is a way to spend several hundred dollars and create the impression that the entire car is the medium, which is what car wraps do. The way you do it is with good design. Truck graphics are sold almost like hamburger, the more you buy, the more you pay for. Like hamburger you can have one big meal or you can cut it up into smaller portions and spread it around.

Have you ever seen the cars that are owned by Progressive insurance? They are all small cars and the graphics on them only cover a fraction of the entire surface area, but the graphics were so well thought out and the location was so carefully chosen that the little sub-compact car becomes a familiar roving billboard. The name Progressive is sprawled across the side of the car, right across the drivers door. The name is big enough that you can’t miss it and because everybody is familiar with the company becomes immediately recognizable. The color of the car is white and the color of the graphic is blue so there is plenty of contrast and the name is easy to read. In addition they have applied the vinyl diagonally so that it will more easily capture your attention.

Here are some quick rules to make a big impact on a small budget.

1. Make sure the color of the truck graphic contrasts with the trucks color so people can easily read it
2. Make the type oversize so you will give the impression of a grand format
3. Place the truck graphic off-center so that it will jar people into noticing