The Power of the Graphics Card

By | September 3, 2017

Many people don’t realize the actual power of the GPU, or graphics processing unit. In this article, I will be telling you the basic functions and powers of the GPU, in language everyone can understand!

Here’s a list of some basic functions of a GPU:

1. They create graphics on your screen(obviously hahaha)

2. They do all of the calculations and coding required to create moving objects

3. Many new graphics cards now have physics engines built in, which means that games especially will be extremely realistic.

So, I’ll be talking about all three in simple language.

Graphics cards create graphics on your screen

This one’s pretty obvious. The GPU isn’t called a “graphics processing unit” for nothing. However, a GPU isn’t required to create images on your screen; you can have a motherboard with an integrated graphics processor built in. The drawback for integrated graphics processors is that usually, the integrated graphics is much, MUCH weaker than an independent graphics card.

Graphics Cards do all of the graphics work

Well, imagine having… around 1000 pages of grueling calculations involving only the numbers 1 and 0, and then doing all 1000 pages in a millisecond or less. No, you can’t do that. And if you can, I’d love to meet you because I’d be honored to meet a person who can keep up in calculations with, of all things, a computer.

Now, the actual commands come from the CPU(central processing unit), but the actual work is done by the GPU. It basically churns out all of the data and commands into a visual.

Newer Graphics Cards have physics engines built in

Well, first of all, what is a physics engine?

Many of you may not realize this, but physics is extremely important to our lively hoods, from gravity to the balance of molecules, and the movement of trillions of electrons that allow me to type this up. Now, the physics engine I am talking about is mainly used in games.

To make games more realistic, some companies used to make independent physics cards to take care of all the physics involved in a game. Well, they trashed that idea and basically put that idea into the newer graphics cards. Now, games are much more realistic, and much more intense!