How to Apply Vinyl Graphics Over Surfaces

By | April 24, 2018

Vinyl graphics are inexpensive adhesive stickers which can be applied easily over any surface. Vinyl letterings are very popular as car stickers, billboard stickers and can be easily customised. It can be removed easily in case you change your mind. But once applied, vinyl letterings will last longer than paint.

There are many methods to apply vinyl label stickers on surfaces.

Here is a short description of each type:

Freehand method. Take a firm plastic card and press over the wax paper. This will ensure that the lettering and graphic is stuck on the application tape. Remove the wax paper and lifting the application tape by its ends stick on to the desired surface.

Press with a plastic card in a downward motion. Remove the application tape. The entire graphic and lettering would have got transferred to the desired surface.

Wet method. This method can be used if you are using opaque vinyl graphics on glass surfaces. The method is same as freehand, but here the application surface is wet using soapy water.

Spray soap water on the reverse of the graphics and spread is evenly with hands. Be careful not to wet the surface. We don’t need a soggy sticker. The idea is to make it just wet enough so that it gets stuck to the glass. The application is same as the freehand where you start with pasting one edge and then the entire sticker.

Hinged method. Take a plastic card and press over the wax paper in one direction. This is done to ensure that the vinyl graphic is stuck firmly on the application tape. Place the graphic the way you want to stick on the surface without removing the wax paper. Tape any one edges of the graphic applicator. With the taped side as a hinge, remove the wax paper. Hold the tip of the applicator and start applying. While doing so use the other hand press with a plastic card in the same direction as in the first step. No air bubbles are formed this way.

Removing air bubbles

Occasionally air bubbles may get trapped in larger stickers. This can be easily removed. Once you have applied the label, just take a pin and poke it on to the air bubble. And using your finger, remove the air bubble. Vinyl stickers are self healing. So any air bubble will go away with time.

Removing Vinyl Stickers

Just as applying a vinyl sticker is easy, removing it is easier. Before removing, use an air dryer to dry the sticker. Then peel it off using your fingers. If you find that the edges are stuck firmly not enabling peeling, just use a pin to peel. But pin is not recommended for cars it can remove the paint.

Vinyl stickers are stylish and easy to apply. Make it your style statement today.