Help Choosing a Wireless Router

By | April 7, 2018

Wireless routers are common place in the home, connecting laptops and consoles to the internet. Find out which wireless router will be best for you.

With the advent of high speed internet being available in most homes, the wireless router has become an invaluable piece of equipment in the modern home.

So what is a wireless router? The most popular use of the wireless router is to hook up to the internet. If you have an ADSL modem build into the router, you basically hook the router into the phone or cable line. When set correctly, this then does the communication between your internet provider and

The positive side of a wireless router is that you can move data around your home network and connect to the internet without physically having to plug a cable into the router. This gives you the freedom to roam around whilst still being connected. So if you wish to use your laptop at the bottom of the garden you can do so. It certainly makes it easier when hooking games consoles into the network or running VOIP phones, as you don’t need to physically wire your devices to connect.

From a more negative perspective, the speeds that can be achieved is much less than you will ever achieve from a wired solution. For example Wireless G is rated at 54 mega-bits per second, whereas if you directly wire via an ethernet cable, theoretically speeds of 1 giga-bit per second are achievable.

There are many reasons for this, with one of the main reasons being that physical objects can reduce the wireless signal, so using your laptop in a different room to your router may weaken the signal. Also, there can be occasions where you can get interference between your wireless signal and other wireless signals in the area. This is especially true in more urbanised areas.

The type of wireless router you should purchase really depends on two things. One is what do you use your network for. If it is simple browsing of the internet or occasionally copying files across your network, then Wireless G would be a perfectly reasonable choice. If you plan on streaming movies across your network I would suggest that a wireless N router would be a better choice. I would also suggest that wireless N would be a more acceptable choice if their a multiple users of the network moving files or connecting to the internet. Also, wireless N gives a greater range than wireless G which means that it makes it more reliable when you are further away from the router.

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