What Are Ethernet Communications?

By | January 9, 2018

With the advent of the internet the world is no more divided by invisible boundaries. People from any part of the world can stay connected with the rest of the world with ease. Gone are the times when the snail mails or posts took ages to reach another country or continent. Communications media have grown in leaps and bounds and it takes hardly a second for an email to reach some remote part of the world. From normal postal system and telephones today we have other highly advanced communication systems like internet, wireless communication; mobile communication etc. Internet networks can be broadly classified as local area networks and wide area networks. LANs or local area networks use Ethernet framework for the computer networking. What are Ethernet communications? It is a standardised IEEE 802.3 application. It was developed by XEROX PARC in 1973. Ethernet uses CSMA/CD algorithm for effective performance.

Using Ethernet hundreds of computers can be connected to one source and the data and work can be shared or transferred with ease thereby saving time. All computers in one area stay connected and thus it is also called local area network. Internet technology has grown thus enabling the best form of communication. The faster mode of communication through the internet depends upon the network used by the operating system. The speed at which the computer connects to the internet is very important as a slow connection might delay the work flow or data transfer. Ethernet works as a base station wherein all the data reaches before being transferred to other computers on the network. It is used effectively these days for commercial purposes to help clients keep connected with their customers and other branch office staffs with ease. It enables fast tracking of the sales of many branch offices or the transaction taking place in all the different branches of the same company. Thus a CEO sitting in Auckland will get immediate and live update of what is happening in Pakistan or Canada.

Many newer versions of Ethernet have been updated regularly as the need for more performance based services becomes imperative. The needs of organisations differ and so does the size of the network. The cost for setting up an Ethernet network depends upon the number of computers that is to be connected on the network. The computers thus connected through the Ethernet network will share a common operating system, security features and unique identification certificates. It uses special routers, switch or modems for this according to the need or necessity. It needs minimal hardware and that is mostly Ethernet cables to connect. It can be used for both wired and wireless interfaces. Even for personal use one can set up the Ethernet connection to connect 2-3 computers within the same home network. Thus it is extremely useful to create a common communication network within an area. Knowing what ethernet communications are can be very useful to all technocrats and even the laymen as everyone is using computers at home and in the office.

Ethernet Communications