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The original voice logging system was a large analog tape recorder, developed by Magnasync in 1950. In 1953 Magnasync Corporation sold 300 voice loggers to the U.S. Air Force. In the 1980s the first digital voice logging systems were developed and shrank to the size of a large PC. The original computerized systems were designed and manufactured by Eventide, Eyretel and Dictaphone. In 1996 Mercom Systems, which was purchased by Verint in July 2006, introduced Audiolog the first Windows-based voice logging system.
Types of Voice Loggers
Today there are three types of business phone recorders in use:
The analog tape system: Some businesses still use older model reel-to-reel tape to record multiple phone lines, or hook up individual cassette or micro-cassette tape recorders up to each individual phone. Analog tape is usually more expensive to maintain and much less convenient to search than digital systems.
Digital systems: These are the most commonly used today. Either they consist of A proprietary box of hardware that hooks into the phone system or specialized hardware that plugs into a PC in a PCI slot or by a USB cable. Some systems allow users to remotely review telephone recordings with desktop screen capture and quality reporting.
Software only systems: These systems may be all-software running on industry-standard servers, or use hardware such as a sound card on a PC, to do the work of recording and monitoring telephone calls. Some are simple single-user systems that typically only require a user to install the software on their PC, and use some type of simple adapter to connect the PC to a phone. However this type of software can usually only record a single line at a time, and is much more limited in features. Business-class recording and monitoring systems enable businesses of all sizes to deploy centralized call recording and monitoring for IP telephony systems. It is becoming easier and more affordable vs. TDM-based hardware systems. See advanced systems below.
Advanced systems
Today’s systems feature various sophisticated capabilities depending on the field of application. Some systems allow users to listen to live conversations or to access records from any remote location over the Internet or a local network. Besides ease of use and access to voice messages systems usually offer a wide range of signal detection capabilities such as extraction of dialled keys (DTMF), Caller ID, various radio codes (Ex: CCIR Tone5) and even Fax demodulation.
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