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By | February 10, 2018

Vehicle graphics, are something we see on a daily basis, walk down your local high street and you will see vans, lorries and cars plastered with business logos, website information and contact details for the company. Vehicle advertising is basically an advert on wheels, once a vehicle has full company contact information emblazoned across it, as well as the company message, this will always be a way of catching the eye of potential clients and gaining new ones.

Marketing and advertising companies use vehicle graphics to advertise a particular event or service. How many times have you seen a lorry drive past with a large sign on it advertising something? It is a cost effective way of getting noticed, it is sure enough cheaper than billboard, and billboards don’t move! Vehicles do, therefore this is why large corporations advertise their services on black taxis using vehicle graphics. They know that this will catch people’s attention, coupled with the fact that taxis drive to all different destinations, meaning that their advert will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.

These days some businesses simply put their website URL and nothing else, this is a way of a creating an air of mystery around the company, and more often than none people want to know what it is. An independent study was carried out in 2008, where 1000 people were asked if they saw a telephone number with nothing else splashed across a vehicle in bright colours would they call the number. 68 per cent said yes. These results demonstrate the curious nature of us as individuals, advertising and marketing companies normally; use this curious nature to their advantage by creating ambiguous advertising or marketing campaigns.

Successful marketing and branding companies are well known for using fleets of branded vehicles to create a stir; Richard Branson is famous for using vehicles to spread a message. Even most recently Gok Wan the fashion designer turned motivational guru and TV presenter, drove around every town in the UK in a branded van, to draw attention to the new series of “Gok’s Fashion Fix”

Vehicle branding works, on a long journey, a vehicle can be seen by over 10,000 people. Not to say that 10,000 people are going to rush in take up the service, however it does build brand awareness, the more people that see it, the more people will begin to identify with it. One of the most famous examples of brand awareness using vehicle graphics, was The Evening Standard delivery vans, their famous orange and white striped van with simple lettering on it, was distinctive yet simple and was instantly identifiable as being The Evening Standard.

Therefore vehicle graphics, do not just advertise and make people necessarily want to buy, they also build brand awareness, which is a vital part of any company’s success. can supply the highest quality vehicle graphics , as sign makers Birmingham , to give you a cost effective solution to successfully promote your business.