Tips For Buying Computer Mouse

By | February 8, 2018

Computer mouse is a very useful pointing device that is used for navigating on the display screen. People who use laptop often prefer to use a mouse rather than using the inbuilt touchpad. Here are some tips on buying a computer mouse:

Clicking on a computer mouse comes as naturally as typing on a keyboard for many desktop computer users. A mouse is a very effective way to navigate onscreen and much faster than navigating via touch pads on laptop computers. If you are using a notebook computer, you will likely get weary using a touch pad with your sweaty fingers on a hot summer day. Treat yourself to a computer mouse and navigate faster with more seamless cursor movements!

1. Type of mouse
There are two kinds of computer such as mechanical mouse and optical mouse. Mechanical mouse is an old type of mouse which comes with a ball for detecting movement. It can only be used on a mouse pad. An optical mouse comes with a LED instead of a ball for detecting movement on any flat surface.

2. Connection port
You can connect a computer mouse to a PS2 port or USB port. If you use a PS2 mouse, then you can keep the USB ports on your computer free for connecting other USB enabled devices. A USB mouse can be connected to the PS2 port by making use of an adapter.

3. Size
When you go to a computer market and checkout computer accessories on the web, you can find computer mouse of different sizes and shapes. If you have large hands, you can use a large mouse and if your hands are small, you can use a small mouse.

4. Speed
The speed of a computer mouse is measured in dots per inch. If this number is high, the faster will be your mouse. Usually a computer mouse with 400 to 800 dpi will give you good experience.

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