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How to Give Your Graphics a Professional Look

by spacepleb I’d avoid calling this “tip” a tip. What I’m going to talk about is such a matter that everybody seems to have his/her own view about. It’s quite difficult to admit that your graphics are not professional, particularly if you have had some experience in Web design already. Furthermore, your notion of professionalism… Read More »

Headsets – Provides a stylish look

by .michael.newman. One of the best companies which are concerned with manufacturing great headsets is the Plantronics. Its headsets are designed as single-eared headphones with a flexible microphone that can be worn on either side of the face. The headsets of this company are optimized for use of Internet calling services, as well as for… Read More »

A Look At Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber

by medithIT Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber (GEF) is going to radically change the internet over the next few years. It is also going to change the telecommunications industry as well. The technology involved is one that has been tested and found to be very effective and is based on the networking communications standard called Ethernet.… Read More »