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Are Mini Keyboards Ergonomically-Friendly?

by nathanmac87 Advanced portability of communication and gaming has brought with it keyboards of various sizes many becoming smaller and smaller. For example, the Blackberry phone has a mini keyboard that allows you to do virtually everything you could do with a laptop. If you’re like most people you may not consider a mini keyboard to be… Read More »

Do Ergonomic Keyboards Work?

by Stratageme.com Typing at the office for 8-10 hours a day on a regular flat keyboard creates a ticking time bomb in your wrists and shoulders. If you don’t feel it now, you will. Ergonomic keyboards can be great solutions for pain relief and prevention, but they can also be costly mistakes if you choose… Read More »

Black Personal computer Keyboards

by Lesage Stefaan It’s really fascinating to come across that ancient discoveries are what is helping the present advancement in technology to produce the present platform. As an example, a computer keyboard is being created from a typewriter which was originally something created inside the 19th century. Relating to a typewriter now may only be… Read More »

How to Buy Cheap Keyboards

by karlhols Buying anything these days seems like it is a gamble at best. Who knows when you might need those extra dollars back from when you decided to splurge on new computer keyboard? Getting the cool keyboards will not look like the best idea at all; however, you do not have to take the… Read More »