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A Few Options to Keep your Laptop Cool

by Rich Gibson You may notice when you are using your laptop it can become quite hot after long periods of usage. There are a few ways that you can reduce the heat that is exposed to you so you can use your laptop comfortably and uninterrupted. You may have noticed that laptops have much… Read More »

Cheap And Wireless Headsets Keep Your Hands Absolutely Free

by TheBetterDay Headsets have nowadays become the most preferable equipment among users with additional features making them highly popular. They could be worn with glasses comfortably and it never makes your ears sore, if you clip this hearing aid even for the whole day. Secondly, this sophisticated gadget ensures voice clarity at both the ends… Read More »

How Cold Can A Cooling Fan Keep Things?

by Dylan Parker ==Cooling Fan Operation== Electrical components inherently generate heat while in use, and in order for a component to remain in a useful state it must be cooled in some fashion. Components that generate small amounts of heat can be cooled passively or with a simple heat sink. Today’s multiple core central processing… Read More »