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History of the Ethernet Cable

by super-structure The Ethernet cable became widely used in the early eighties. Ethernet cable originally was 10BASE5 cable, which is what most people refer to as coaxial cable. Most people identify coaxial cable as the cable that connects the television set to the cable TV connection. Generally, coaxial cable is very thick and quite inflexible.… Read More »

The History Of Minnie Mouse

by Lesage Stefaan Even though Mickey Mouse is far more famous, Minnie Mouse was born at around the same time and appeared with him in Steamboat Willie, which was such a success in the late 1920’s. She has since appeared in another 73 or so cartoons and can still be seen on the Disney Channel… Read More »

A Short History of the ThinkPad Laptop

by Rich Gibson History of the ThinkPad laptop begins in the year of 1992, starting with a range of computers that were sold and manufactured by IBM. The roots of the name come from a 1920s slogan from IBM. The slogan ‘THINK!’ was brought about by Thomas Watson and was included on many brown leatherette… Read More »

History of Mickey Mouse

by DeclanTM  History of Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a popular and well-appreciated cartoon character, who has been serving children and adults since generations. Created in 1928, by Walt Disney, it is one of the most popular cartoon symbols in the world and is the icon for The Walt Disney Company. The character was initially… Read More »

More History On Mickey Mouse

by ANBerlin We all know that Mickey Mouse is the most famous mouse in the world, and that he was one of Walt Disney’s earliest creations. Few people have taken much note of the history of Mickey Mouse over the years, and since most already know his early history, here are some of the other… Read More »