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Metro Ethernet For Business Connection

by TahoeSunsets A Metro Ethernet is the use of Carrier Ethernet technology to create a computer network that covers a metropolitan area and is based on the Ethernet standard. It is widely used as an access network that connects subscribers and businesses to other larger networks or the internet. Metro Ethernet can also be used… Read More »

History of the Ethernet Cable

by super-structure The Ethernet cable became widely used in the early eighties. Ethernet cable originally was 10BASE5 cable, which is what most people refer to as coaxial cable. Most people identify coaxial cable as the cable that connects the television set to the cable TV connection. Generally, coaxial cable is very thick and quite inflexible.… Read More »

What Does Ethernet Mean?

by Axel Schwenke What is Ethernet? The term Ethernet in basic terms is actually cables connected to a network which inturn send data packets across several networks. This is the most often utilized process used in neighborhood networking. Xerox, DEC and Intel created this current model which was influenced by the Alohanet schematic from years… Read More »

Rokr Em30 – Gigabit Ethernet Network Card – Gigabit Server Adapter Manufacturer

by Dave Wilson Cumbria Specifications Messaging: MMS, EMS 5.0, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4), Motosync for corporate email support1 Data Features Connectivity method:Stereo Bluetooth Class 2, 3.5mm, USB 2.0 HS, Mobile Phone Tools, Over the Air Sync (OTA), PC Sync Dual Transfer Mode (DTM):Enables GPRS during call; operator dependent Multimedia Features Camera:2 MP, Digital Zoom, Fixed… Read More »

What Are Ethernet Communications?

by Tom Carmony With the arrival of the web the globe isn’t any additional divided by invisible boundaries. People from any half of the globe will stay connected with the remainder of the world with ease. Gone are the times when the snail mails or posts took ages to achieve another country or continent. Communications… Read More »