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Central Cooling System

by Rich Gibson Ever wondered what one would do in the pressing summers when the rooms get hotter as we are put in an oven. Ever wondered what we would do in the times when there would be no cooling system to protect us from the hot weathers. We have become so atoned to the… Read More »

Passive Cooling

by Rich Gibson Passive cooling The term “passive” implies that energy-consuming mechanical components like pumps and fans are not used. Passive cooling building design attempts to integrate principles of physics into the building exterior envelope to: Slow heat transfer into a building. This involves an understanding or the mechanisms of heat transfer: heat conduction, convective… Read More »

Cooling Tips And Tricks

by Garybaldy Cool tips to get the best server cooling fan Server Cooling Fans: Cool Tips for Selecting the Best Fan A server cooling fan is designed to keep server components within their temperature limits during operation. Temperature control ensures optimal performance of the central processing unit (CPU), graphics card, chip sets, hard drives and… Read More »