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A Few Options to Keep your Laptop Cool

by Rich Gibson You may notice when you are using your laptop it can become quite hot after long periods of usage. There are a few ways that you can reduce the heat that is exposed to you so you can use your laptop comfortably and uninterrupted. You may have noticed that laptops have much… Read More »

What Kind Of Cooling Fans Really Cool Your Applications?

by lungstruck Server cooling fans consist of several features to keep the server components cool during operation. High temperatures will cause the performance of the central processing unit (CPU), graphics card, hard drives or chip sets to malfunction prematurely. Passive and active heat sinks are usually required to facilitate the cooling process and achieve optimal… Read More »

The Perfect Fit: Cool iPad Covers

by MillenniumLuxuryCoaches When you buy something like an iPad, you want to be sure to keep it protected as best you can. You will want to preserve the investment you have made for years, not just for the first few months you have it. If something happens to your iPad, repairs could be very expensive,… Read More »