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Understanding Types Of Graphics Cards

by Enokson Are you looking for the latest and most modern graphic cards in the market? Then look no further. Why? because at ComputerShopper.com they have got the perfect solution for you. The wide selection ensures that there is something for everybody. They provide the best information to suit your needs. At ComputerShopper.com, there are… Read More »

A Buyer’s Guide to Graphics Cards

by P.O. Arnäs There are literally hundreds of graphics cards on the market today, though they generally feature chipsets supplied by one of only two vendors: AMD/ATI and NVIDIA. AMD acquired ATI in 2006, and thus the names that are used when referencing chipset manufacturers are somewhat interchangeable at the time of this writing. Though… Read More »

Graphics Cards

by gcg2009 The images produced on the monitor of your computer are made with tiny dots that are known as pixels. Typically a common resolution settings, the screen can display about a million and more pixels, now the computer decides what to do with these dots so as to create an image. Therefore in order… Read More »