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Coolest graphics card in town

by mimitalks, married, under grace With high-end 3D games all the rage now, 3D graphics chips are fast- and hot. As in they sizzle up the temperature in your CPU and GPU. One of these new chips or graphics process units( GPU ) can consume as much as 200 watts of electricity- thrice the amount… Read More »

What is a graphics card

by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies In a layman terminology, graphics card can be referred to as a device that is known to bring images to a computer’s monitor after having converted them from binary data to a viewable image. Now, depending upon what you want to do there are different kinds of graphics cards… Read More »

Pc Wireless Card Adapter

by tronixstuff Some student housing or apartments may not provide a landline in your room, but many offer wireless Internet connection. It’s possible that one wireless router is able to provide wireless connection to the Web at a student residential building. You can connect to a wireless network router with a PC wireless card. Most… Read More »

The Power of the Graphics Card

by mimitalks, married, under grace Many people don’t realize the actual power of the GPU, or graphics processing unit. In this article, I will be telling you the basic functions and powers of the GPU, in language everyone can understand! Here’s a list of some basic functions of a GPU: 1. They create graphics on… Read More »