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History of the Ethernet Cable

by super-structure The Ethernet cable became widely used in the early eighties. Ethernet cable originally was 10BASE5 cable, which is what most people refer to as coaxial cable. Most people identify coaxial cable as the cable that connects the television set to the cable TV connection. Generally, coaxial cable is very thick and quite inflexible.… Read More »

Coaxial Cable Adapter

by goodrob13 Coaxial cable adapter is a type of adapter which is used to serve as connective for two sources or it is used for connecting the distinct places to the cables together. Coaxial cable adapter can be used for several other purposes and now days it is considered some of the most desirable items… Read More »

Dell Chromebook 11, Chromebook 3120 65w Power Adapter Charger + 2 Pin Power Cable JNKWD

Compatible With : Chrome Book 11, Chromebook 3120 Genuine Dell Product Dell Part Number : JNKWD Specification : Input 100-240V 1.7A – Output 19.5V 3.34A – Tip size : 7.4mm*5.0mm Supplied With 2 Pin Power Cable Buy With Confidence From A Dell Registered Partner Dell Chromebook 11, Chromebook 3120 65w Power Adapter Charger + 2… Read More »

Ethernet Cable – What Is An Ethernet Cable

by sridgway When it comes to computers and technology, specific cords and cables all have distinct purposes and uses. The purpose of the Ethernet cable is to connect a computer to high-speed internet access. The purpose of the Ethernet cord is to connect a cable modem and a computer together so that the computer can… Read More »