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Rokr Em30 – Gigabit Ethernet Network Card – Gigabit Server Adapter Manufacturer

by Dave Wilson Cumbria Specifications Messaging: MMS, EMS 5.0, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4), Motosync for corporate email support1 Data Features Connectivity method:Stereo Bluetooth Class 2, 3.5mm, USB 2.0 HS, Mobile Phone Tools, Over the Air Sync (OTA), PC Sync Dual Transfer Mode (DTM):Enables GPRS during call; operator dependent Multimedia Features Camera:2 MP, Digital Zoom, Fixed… Read More »

Overview of HDMI to VGA Adapter

by niznoz The HDMI to VGA adapter is a cable used for transferring data easily from an HDMI –equipped device to VGA format for the best quality display with high picture clarity and best sound quality. The most common examples of HDMI based devices are high definition DVD players, projectors, play stations, etc. This HDMI… Read More »

Put Laptop AC Adapter in Pocket

by stevegarfield When people enjoy the advantage of laptop, it seems that the disadvantage is more and more obvious. Besides the overheating of the AC adapter, the performance and so on, here will post the simple problem and that many people are annoyed with it. That is the weight of the AC adapter. For those… Read More »

Coaxial Cable Adapter

by goodrob13 Coaxial cable adapter is a type of adapter which is used to serve as connective for two sources or it is used for connecting the distinct places to the cables together. Coaxial cable adapter can be used for several other purposes and now days it is considered some of the most desirable items… Read More »

Power Adapter Technology

by Thomas.L Power supplies can be used to convert one form of energy into another. Power supplies may take the form of adapters, a kind of technology that enables current voltage and direction to be modified.  acer travelmate 3000 ac adapter. Definition Power adapter technology rectifies one type of current such as AC (alternating current)… Read More »

USB C Adapter, USB Typ C Female auf USB Typ A Male Adapter für Apple New MacBook 30,5 cm, Chromebook Pixel, arbeitet mit Laptops und Ladegeräten mit USB eine Schnittstelle

USB 3.0 Stecker auf USB-C Buchse Adapter Syntech usb zu usb c weiblicher Adapter nimmt verzinnte usb-Steckdosen und Gold-plattierte Stifte an Die Stifte sind korrosionsbeständig und haltbarer für das Verstopfen und Herausziehen des USB-Kabels. Die Steckverbinder machen eine feste Verbindung und stabile Übertragung. Schnelle Ladegeschwindigkeit Eingebauter 56KΩ Widerstand sorgt für bis zu 2.4A stabile schnelle… Read More »