Portable Misting Fans – Cooling Without Hassle

By | January 11, 2018

The weather changes quite unpredictably these days. On days where the sun scorches and humidity builds up, you would perspire more rapidly and this causes discomfort. To keep cool, you will need an effective cooling system. Portable misting fans are the perfect solution because it works on an evaporative cooling method. It produces a stream of cooling mist with minimal use of water. The nozzles can be adjusted accordingly to determine the amount of water vapor released. It allows conservation of resource because it is estimated that only 1 gallon of water is required to produce an effective cooling for one hour.

Thus, the lower pressure requirement means that less energy is required to produce the needed pressure. Most portable misting fans also allow detachable misting system. This allows you to use your fan as usual without the release of mist. Likewise, you can also turn the mist on without using the fan. The fan actually helps to disperse the mist to larger areas but you can equally enjoy the cooling mist at close distance.

It can also be placed conveniently in shops, garages, warehouses, outdoor cafes and backyards. Its portability feature allows you to move it wherever you choose to. You can even have it in your backyard for a party today and in the garage on the next while you repair your car. Most portable misting fans have allows height adjustment. Its effectiveness is more noticeable in humid conditions. To maintain the function of the fan, the filters should be changed yearly and water tanks be conditioned routinely. This helps to keep the fan in optimal working condition.

Portable misting fans should be considered if you are looking for a cooling system that not only cools, but is environmental-friendly and highly efficient. The many features of the misting fan allow you to use it according to your preferences.

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