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By | December 6, 2017

Fan who was once considered the impact of air conditioning products under the phase-out products, but is not the case. The weather warming up, a long absence, the home fans has not seen prominently placed in

States United States , Trading companies, a lot of weight 100 and other electrical appliances store’s entrance, new style, bright colors, humanization features attracted a lot of consumers purchase and onlookers. According to the United States, and trading companies of the promoters the country introduced the past two days to consult and abrupt increase in consumer purchasing fans, electric fans also welcomed the strong sales of its season.

Fan into the air “partner”
Recently learned from the market, with the refreshing cooling products, air conditioners and fans while there were gaps, but many consumers believe that when the temperature is not too high, fans blowing cool air out slowly but more than stay more comfortable air-conditioned room. And many people also used to turn the air-conditioning and electric fans to cool down. They are air-conditioned electric fans as “partner” in the air-conditioning and also use electric fans to increase the indoor air circulation, adjust the indoor temperature.

Market participants said the home fans did not fade away with the popularization of air conditioning market, the last two years there instead of market recovery situation, there are three main reasons: First, there is between the fan and air conditioning more big difference, air conditioning has a strong cooling effect, but more moderate fan of the wind, people feel that the healthy and natural living environment more suitable for the elderly and children; Second, fans have the price advantage, and power, in the installation and easier to use; third fan in recent years also in style and function continues to introduce new, novel and unique, personalized fan satisfy consumer demand and stimulate consumers to buy.

Upward trend in sales Heavy electrical charge per person, said to reporters, two or three years fans have been sold in Chongqing market better, and there is an upward trend. Although the fan is seasonal goods, the annual selling season and only a short time of four to five months, but last year sales of Chongqing, the actual market is more than 30 million yuan. If the average selling price by 100 yuan per projections, the Chongqing market sales last year, at least 30 million fans. Gome last year alone sold nearly 3 million fans. Corporations often Zhanjing Li also explained that their fans last year, sales of more than 4 million yuan, it is estimated there are on the rise in sales this year will reach 500 million.

It is reported that China’s consumption of electric fans and other small appliances have entered the period of rapid growth, the past two years the market growth rate of over 20%. Kelon, Gree, etc. to a large number of household appliances appliance-based enterprises have expanded into areas of small household appliances. Kelon fans sold more than 40,000 units last year, after another year of their sales in Chongqing, targeting 6 million units, and strive to obtain 40% growth again.

Popular personality fans Reporter from the city’s major home appliance stores fans Pavilion learned in different styles, features and price of fan products, affordable, personalized full of fans even more consumers tempted to become more concerned about consumers object.

This year’s fan in style, functionality and other aspects of excellence, beauty, Kelon, Gree, Compal, Le Meridien Principal brands have introduced a cooling, humidification, oxygen bar, mosquito, sterilization, air purification and more function of electric fans, some even with a fresh air “flavored” feature. Kelon has this year introduced a “smart thermostat” function of the fan, the temperature can be adjusted automatically according to set size of wind speed, increasing human comfort; Amy has also launched a special 360-degree air to the “air fan” so that people can feel in every direction slowly cool; there are some brand launch set refresh oxygen bar, ice storage refrigeration,

Mobile Backlight technology, the six machines in one “air-conditioning fan.” Time extension, variable speed, anti-mosquito lamps, etc., functional integration, but also for the fans this season has added charm.

In addition, this year’s fans are still real effort in color and appearance. Light yellow, light green, purple, colorful fans, than the silver, ivory and other more popular traditional colors of the fan; thin speaker-style appearance, cartoon image, and personality profile has also been consumers. Chongqing fans on the market price of 40 yuan to 67 from three hundred dollars, to meet consumer needs at different levels, but overall, the customer is focused on the mainstream consumer price of 200 yuan, beautiful appearance character and function of practical models

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