Misting system- an effective cooling system

By | April 30, 2018

The weather affects the people in many ways since the climatic factor changes we can’t experience the same climate. Somewhat we can tolerate the cold climate, but it is very hot to sustain in the extreme heat conditions. So we need an outdoor cooling system that can somewhat cool our body and misting systems satisfies us in all aspects. Misting fan initially cools the general area, and then provides a high degree of humidity for thirstier plant species. Some specialty produce stores may also use a misting fan to keep their offerings fresh for customers. The air-conditioning effects can also make for a more pleasant shopping environment for outdoor produce stands.

Misting system is best for your patios and it is a convenient outdoor cooling system. A typical misting fan works on the principles of thermal dynamics and evaporative cooling. If you place a wet towel in front of an electric fan, you may notice the area around the towel becomes noticeably cooler. As the water from the towel evaporates, it takes a certain amount of heat energy along with it. The fan circulates the cooler air around the room, acting like a rudimentary air conditioner. Misting fan technology takes this idea of evaporative cooling and makes it much more efficient and productive. Although most misting fan systems are used to cool crowds of people in outdoor arenas or stadiums, smaller units for home use have become more popular.

Patio umbrellas are best for your patio and it brings elegance, style and luxury outdoor restaurants into your outdoor room. Some outdoor pool owners find it more comfortable for swimmers if the area around the pool is kept cool as well. Those who like to work in backyard gardens or outdoor garages may also benefit from the cooling effects of a misting fan. Moving a small yard doesn’t have to involve long, hot stretches on a riding mower anymore. The home misting fan systems don’t require any special equipment since the built-in water pumps and nozzles are already calibrated for maximum performance and because the mist created by a misting fan system is so fine, few beneficiaries of this cooling effect actually become wet.

Misting fans give you the effect, which is similar to standing in a light fog on cool mornings and the water vapor may condense on cold surfaces, but will barely register on human skin. Only those standing less than 6 inches away from the water nozzle may experience significant wetness. The water supply of a misting fan is usually filtered for impurities before entering the nozzle, and the total amount of water used is rarely more than about 3.8 to 7.6 liters per hour. You need to keep your patio cooling system clean so you can experience a cooling air. Depending on how frequently you use your patio cooling system, you will have to remove the nozzles to clean them every so often and in most cases, this should be done every few months.

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