Laptop power adapter power adapter is analyzed

By | February 11, 2018

Laptop power adapter power adapter is analyzed and maintenance work laptop power source, which is a high-quality switching power supply, it works with TVs and other appliances in the switching power supply is the same, its role is to

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notebook computer to provide a stable low-voltage direct current (usually between 12 ~ 19V). Notebook power adapters are fully sealed design of small size, and its consumption of power is generally up to 35 ~ 90W, so the internal temperature is high, especially in the hot summer, touch the power adapter will work in the feeling of hot . Because of this, the power adapter failure rate is relative to other components of notebook computer is still relatively high. Damaged power adapter, buy a new take several hundred dollars, from used car markets may also need to hundred dollars. In fact, many power adapter damage is not serious, a little knowledge of the user to understand some of the circuit can try to repair, this article will be IBM’s “meat bone” power adapter (16V, 4.5A), for example, describes the disassembly and Simple maintenance, for your reference. Disassemble notebook power adapter power adapter or the upper and lower cover for injection package   together with a strong adhesive, and without any screws, so the general can only use violence to crack. However, as long as the right way, the decomposed completely restored to their original power adapter, not carefully observed there is almost no open at the scene. Dismantling tools: electric knife, hammer, screwdriver, soldering iron, utility knife and so on. Step1: Connect the power adapter is placed in the white cross on the side, with the electric knife blade along the power adapter cut the gap between the upper and lower lid,

then tap with a hammer electric knife knife blade (Figure 1), the electric knife up and down from the adapter between the cut into the lid. Above method in the adapter the gap between the upper and lower lid more than a different location, then use electric knife tip along the gap between the upper and lower cover paddling a few laps, when the upper and lower parts of the first crack of a cover, put the tip depth, then slowly up and down the adapter separate cover. Step2: Figure 2 shows the power adapter open the shell, you can see the adapter circuit wrapped in a copper shield, a knife with a clip to open the   on the paper tape, soldering iron and then electricity shield layer and the internal circuit open plate connection of the two joints (Figure 3), you can remove the shield. Step3: between the shield and the circuit board is also separated from the thick layer of rigid plastic film (Figure 4), and then art knife open, you can see the circuit board of the “true colors” (Figure 5). Structural analysis of the power adapter goes on, we come to understand the internal structure of the power adapter. Figure 6 shows the power adapter inside “feature”,

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