Laptop computers, touch screen monitors and Apple iPads

By | March 13, 2018

Today’s market is loaded with several laptop computers to choose from including net books and portable notebooks. This has caused many people to get confused when deciding what laptop would be best for their needs. Among the things one needs to look at before buying a lap top computer are the RAM, processor, screen display, network and the battery.


When it comes to choosing the processor, most people think that you really have to get the Pentium dual core. However, with the help of the computer sales assistant one can get a cheaper processor with similar performance.

For the selected high grade processor to function efficiently, one would require enough memory to support the processors activity. For a user to comfortably run office software each program at a time, they need 1G memory. To run one office program, photoshop and play a game at the same time, 1.5G memory is needed. 2G memory would allow the user to run software like dream weaver which is much more complicated and fancy games.


A screen display of between 12 to 15inches is required for a good laptop display. The screen display required will definitely depend on the intended use of the lap top. For example office statistics and design requires a larger screen display.


It is necessary to ensure that the laptop has wireless 802.11a/b/g – Wi-Fi card in terms of network. If one requires Bluetooth, it would be best to get a laptop with in built Bluetooth. Since the battery provides the power especially for portable laptops, the maximum amount of time that the battery can keep the laptop running should be considered. For example for a notebook, the maximum working time should be two hours. Most laptop computer users find that their battery gets damaged before the laptop. It is therefore important when buying a laptop computer to ask how long the battery lasts and also how long the guarantee is.


The touch screen monitor is a trend that is really catching on in the world of computers. It allows the user to touch the buttons on the screen as a means of carrying out operations as opposed to the use of a keyboard or mouse. These monitors are sensitive to the human touch sensation.


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