Is Your Mouse Freezing? Proven Tips on How to Fix Mouse Freezes

By | April 11, 2018

Quite a few of us have wondered why does my mouse freeze at times? Whereas as some of us would wonder, what is mouse freezing actually? Well, this is one of the most simple and usual trouble that happens in most of us computer. Literally defining, mouse freezing could happen in 2 forms: One is, mouse icons freezes or remains locked while moving them around still. Next type is, the computer remains locked for a while and then gets released. Both type of freezing has common symptoms and here is a definition to overcome this trouble.

While taking any measure, you first had to look the total number of programs that are opened while the mouse freezes. When running multi programs keeping a limited RAM, you could easily experience mouse freezing. At this point, you definitely had to upgrade your Random Access Memory or run limited programs in a while. Besides this, you also have to check the mouse drivers and make sure it is advanced and up-to-date. If you aren’t sure about this, visit the company website and look at the driver updates.

How to Fix Mouse Freezes

If your mouse freezes quite often, it is good to remove those unused programs and files. Doing so, your system will regain its space back. As a result your computer memory will be enhanced too. Also, do not dump your machine with too many games that takes off maximum space. Remove the games that you don’t play, as it frees the computer space. The less files the registry has, the faster your computer will perform. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you don’t dump your machine with unwanted or unused files and applications.

The primary reason behind mouse freezing is the error in the registry! Since the windows registry withholds all the options and settings commands used to runt the programs, a minor error will result with a major disaster. Errors in the windows registry will crash the connection of the system and mouse. This trouble could never be fixed manually. Registry, being a complex directory, it should be handled with care. When you try to remove or edit the files yourself, it might crumple your computer. Therefore, experts always recommend advice to scan your computer with some preeminent registry cleaner. Scanning your computer with registry cleaner not just fixes mouse freezing but also improves the speed of your machine. Registry cleaner could be downloaded for free, and you can scan your system easily at once.

Scan Your Computer Drivers immediately and Fix Mouse Freezes instantly, the professional All-In-One computer health software can help you to get rid of all kinds of potential risks of your computer and leave you a stable working environment, so do not waste your time to learn how to fix it, but start to fix it right now.