Data Center Cooling Design

By | February 10, 2018

If you are considering retrofitting your data center air conditioning system its important to understand some of the best practices regarding them. Efficient server room design can both reduce your energy use and extend the life of your computer systems. Data center cooling design best practices are becoming more and more important as the business expand. Less than half of energy used in data centers goes toward powering the actual equipment. The rest goes toward support systems like their air conditioning. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, by 2020 the carbon footprint of data centers will pass that of the airline industry. The good news is that by employing some of todays data center cooling architecture best practices you can cut your energy use in half.
Data center cooling design is geared toward keeping equipment at an optimal temperature. Data centers have a different optimal temperature range than rooms with occupants. Here are a few tips to optimize your data center air conditioning system:
Keep cold air supply between 70-80 Fahrenheit. Hot air return can be between 90100. Arrange racks into hot aisles and cold aisles in order to better isolate the two.
Continuously monitor temperature and humidity using front-panel, inlet temperature sensors. Integrate your temperature sensors with your facilities management system for optimum efficiency.
Choose air handlers over traditional air conditioning for increased efficiency.
Air HandlersServer room blueprints that include central air handler systems tend to out perform other types used in data centers. Central air handlers use larger more energy efficient motors and fans and are also well suited for variable volume operation to maximize efficiency at partial loads.
Liquid Cooled Racks- Choose an air conditioning system that uses water. On a volume basis they are much more efficient than ones that use air.
Server Room Design Tips
Cooling Systemswhen beginning with the design process its important to calculate the cooling loads. However, since data centers are always expanding consider installing a scalable data center air conditioning system. There are companies that offer direct expansion refrigerant systems. These high capacities cooling enclosure provides a packaged for housing and cooling rack equipment.
IT Systems when developing server room architecture for a retrofitting be sure to include servers equipped with:
Energy-efficient processors, fans and power supplies
High-efficiency network equipment
Storage devices and power supplies that are consolidated
Cooling components that have variable speed fans
When choosing new equipment for a data center cooling design retrofit, find an HVAC company thats a certified service provider.

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