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By | April 16, 2018
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by dump9x

Laptop AC adapter is not strange to computer users. It’s an indispensible part of laptops. Though it seems to be a burden of laptop, we have to bring it with the laptop. Without it, our computer will stop working. One can’t make a silver purse of a sow’s ear. It’s true that the battery will not work for long time unless an adapter.

In fact, we have to face that the adapter is tend to be out of work by accident. This is common situation. As it’s not so expensive, people choose to buy a new laptop AC adapter.  In the market, there are various types of adapters. PA-1650-02 AC Adapter, Dell Pa-16 AC Adapter, and Toshiba PA3396U-1ACA AC Adapter are three that I bought from the online stores.  They are cheaper than the market products. While they are brand new products, they have at least one year warranty. To be honest, I have that high expectation of them. If they can insist for more than half a year, I think I have earned. And it turns out that my choice is right.

Everyone wants to buy an original one. In fact, the suitable one is the first choice. Not all laptop users can afford the price of an original one. Some thinks that its lifespan doesn’t worth the cost. For some green hands, there are several parameters that we should take into consideration. For the different brand adapter, the compatibility is really important.

The main operating parameters of the power adapter:
1. Input voltage and input current;
2. Output current and output current;
3. Output connector and the output polarity (basically different brands have their own standards);

In general, notebook adapters are 110-240V input, in line with the global international standards, like 65W Toshiba AC Adapter and 65W Gateway AC Adapter. Be aware of the 220V input which is suitable for the Asian countries, especially China. Also note that the number of the voltage and current the adapter provides can not meet the input requirements of notebook. You can see the parameters clearly on the surface of the adapter plate. The most effective way is to plug in the adapter. if it can be used on your laptop, that is the suitable one.