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Pink Dell Laptop

by Hisyam. A pink laptop is like a fashion accessory nowadays for many people. You can probably guess they are hugely popular with women and girls, but increasingly pink laptops are being bought by men as pink is perfect! All the top manufacturers make pink notebooks, but perhaps the most well known is Dell. Everyone… Read More »

Nvidia’s Laptop Graphics Cards to Boost Web Browsing

by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome have either implemented or will soon include the capability to off-load tasks like rendering of HTML 5 or Flash video content to graphics processors. Nvidia’s new GeForce graphics cards will be faster at processing those tasks than CPUs, which should make… Read More »

Toshiba Laptop Price

by Tauralbus A new range of Toshiba Laptops was recently launched in India, these laptops are available with various features, and are expected to address the varying needs of consumers across the country.Portege M900-D3210 is a Toshiba laptop which features Intel Core2 Duo T6500, 2.1GHz Processor. The memory specifications include a 250GB Hard Disk drive… Read More »

Iphone Gaming Applications

by The_JIFF Do you still believe in the myth that gaming is just for the youngsters? Well its time you grow up! Gaming application on mobile phones have been popular with the masses since the first phone game Snake debuted more than a decade ago. The advent of the iPhone added a new paradigm to… Read More »

How to Apply Vinyl Graphics Over Surfaces

by Network Osaka Vinyl graphics are inexpensive adhesive stickers which can be applied easily over any surface. Vinyl letterings are very popular as car stickers, billboard stickers and can be easily customised. It can be removed easily in case you change your mind. But once applied, vinyl letterings will last longer than paint. There are… Read More »