A Few Options to Keep your Laptop Cool

By | February 8, 2018

You may notice when you are using your laptop it can become quite hot after long periods of usage. There are a few ways that you can reduce the heat that is exposed to you so you can use your laptop comfortably and uninterrupted.

You may have noticed that laptops have much improved over the years to handle heat issues, but there are still some laptops that will have heat issues if not used properly. One of the major factors in the heat problem with laptops is the airflow, you will find most of the air exhaust ducts on the laptop are either on the bottom of the laptop but most generally are located on the back of the laptop. But even when they are located on the back of the laptop if you sit your laptop on the bed or something soft it often digs down slightly and this will block the air ducts for the heat. This will cause a blockage in the airflow and you may even notice the laptop will sometimes shut off to protect itself from overheating and damage.

One way around this problem is by using something elevated on the back of your laptop, this way you can ensure that you have an unrestricted airflow for your laptop. You could place something on the back of the laptop so that it sits at a slight angle such as an eraser. Or the ideal option would to sit your laptop on a hard surface, although many people like to use their laptop in their lap or sometimes on the bed. Another option to reduce heat on your laptop would be to buy a laptop cooler pad; these neat little tools have built in fans which pull the heat off of the bottom of the laptop. You will also find that these cooler mats will have raised tabs on the side so the heat that is pulled off can escape outwards easily.

A very cheap solution to help keep your laptop cool which seems to be popular with some people is by using pop off bottle lids at the back of the laptop, this also will keep your laptop in a slightly elevated position for the heat to escape. So just remember it’s important to keep your laptop cool so you can protect your investment, long periods of overheating will damage your laptop and reduce the lifespan of your laptop.

Buying laptops is a thoughtful process so if you are in the market for a new laptop or netbooks, consider your options and the specs of whatever model you are looking at