A Better Headset For Your Ipod

By | February 2, 2018
Wireless Headset
by kengo

Evaluating the latest iPod microphone headset wire articlesthe long-awaited iPod so that we can tape recorder, and finally in this series of new products a reality. However, recording the way the body is not built-in radio microphone, but through the “purchase” and “wire microphone headset” (Headphones with Remote and Mic).Support wire microphone headset, iPod, including the new the iPod Classic 120GB, iPod Touch second generation, iPod Nano fourth generation, the other old styles are not applicable.Unlike in the past through a third-party Dock port expansion kit, the design changed to provide a headphone jack and remote recording function, so even if the firmware update the old models, because their hardware is not compatible, and can not provide recording capabilities.The new headset now has two wire microphone, respectively, the general ear, the ear with the sound better (In-Ear) headphones.Earbud-style headset microphone wire price NT $ 1,000 million, that came with the iPod, wireless control, headset recording the same price, so I feel like quite a bargain.Sound road design, both left and right bass and treble unit of each one, so it can be more clear accurate sound. Coupled with the Ear Headphones Noise isolation characteristics, sound quality is of course a higher level.Has nothing and ears as proof of the Xiao Bian, of course, will live in his lyrics to test. In the absence of more high-end headphones when under the control platform, this ear style headset microphone, remote control, sound performance really quite amazing, finally some sense of the Hi-Fi.The following is a microphone headset ear wire the main technical specifications:- Frequency response: 5Hz to 21kHz- Impedance (100Hz time): 23 ohms- Sensitivity (100Hz when): 109 dB SPL / mW- Speaker Unit: exclusive custom two-tone balanced armature (each side of the headphones have bass and treble unit of one each)There is one thing to be reminded. fourth generation iPod Nano models with the iPod Classic 120GB, simply plug wire microphone headset, the menu will be more a “voice memo” project, providing recording, playback recording function. The iPod Touch second generation, still has no available recording softwareApple officials said at the scene, iPod Touch will be left to a third party to develop the recording software, the next download from the App Store after the installation before it can be recorded.Indeed, this approach can not help but veiled criticisms.Xiao Bian also tried it a little recording feature, Apple staff speak a self-introduction, recorded with the iPod Nano. Listen to the effect of the scene, the sound is very clear, loud, but there may be a specially enhanced resolution processing, feeling a little shrill voice, the sound is also slightly more complex (because of the lack of directivity).In addition to recording, the microphone headset wire to another part of the main function, of course, is the “wire” operation iPod Hello. Unlike the previous generation iPod Shuffle looks like a small clip of the radio wired remote control (Radio Remote), this generation was super mini remote control for only a beam clamp like Monster headphones.This little wired remote on the side is used for recording miniature radio microphone, the other side is the three buttons, namely: to increase the volume (number), decrease the volume and play controls.The middle of the playback controls, continuously click to three, there will be different functions, namely:1. Play / Pause2. Jumped out of a3. Jump on aAll in all, if you have a new iPod, want it to sound, then the wire microphone headset really is not bad. However, this is 1,000 yuan or 2,700 yuan, the price of NT, there was a little expensive.